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Welcome to hTrae's World! Pronounce Like "tray"

Hey Kids! Earth's Children Agree My Activity Book of Magic Formulas Will Be Your
Very Favorite!!

You are probably wondering "what kind of a name is hTrae?". There's a little story behind that name. hTrae is an angel-child, and children are all about fun...right? Right! So when he found out that he got to go to earth he was so excited and said, "Cool! I want to have a fun name, also!" After a lot of thinking he choose a backwards name. You guessed it....hTrae is Earth, spelled backwards. What is your name spelled backwards?

You see, heaven has sent hTrae to earth to teach children some of his fun learning ideas. Since he is also a very curious angel he wants to learn about humans and why they do some of the things they do. He's in for some surprises! It's a good thing he likes surprises! ... What?!! You like surprises too?!! Then you'll want to watch what happens when you do some of the "Kids Magic Formulas" with hTrae in his new childrens book.

hTrae has some friends that are helping him along his journey. Each one of them has their own unique personality. They all have different ways of looking at things. This creates some very funny situations.

When it comes to childrens books, hTrae is the perfect angel-child to make this especially fun book of cool stuff kids can make and do. He has ideas that most people have never heard of. Did you know that if you add corn syrup to your bubble blowing mixture the bubbles will be bigger and last longer? Somehow hTreae knew that. I guess he learned that in heaven. He and his friends want to join you while you create your own toys and crafts from stuff Mom can find in her kitchen and around the house. hTrae and his friends have some fun experiences with these toys and crafts to share with you.

hTrae can’t wait to see what you’ll do next! Remember he is still trying to learn all about humans. You can order hTrae's childrens book online right here, and he will have his Angels deliver it FREE - tell all your friends!!!

Would you like to meet hTrae's friends? If so then click on these words: LET'S GO!


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